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リスニングの “見える化” で、耳から入ってくる音声が “目で” 確認できます



This is what your brain waves look like at any given moment. 

To the untrained eye, it’s just a jumble of lines. For A. J. Keller and Alex Cassio, it’s a treasure trove of data. 

The pair of created Notion, a $900 wearable device that captures and processes brain wave signals, transforming thoughts into action. 

There are eight sensors that are imaging the brain 250 times a second. All of that is instantaneously being processed on the actual headset. 

Notion is a so called brain computer. 

So traditionally brain computer interfaces they relay the raw data to a computer that would receive this data would make sense out of it. 

And then the computer will communicate with any end device.

Notion, the first autonomous devised that has enough computing power to be able to autonomously communicate with end device. 

Whether that is your computer, where that is a drone. 

Anything your computer can control, notion can control. 

Why lift a finger to scroll down when you can do it with your thoughts? 

If you’re thinking of a motor base, movements such as pinching your left hand? 

Notion was able to detect it and you’re able to map that to a computer command. 

Do you feel like a superhero? 

Absolutely. But this superhero power takes focus and concentration.

To that end, Notion provides users with an attention score.

When you’re really focused and you’re in the zone, that number increases.

The developers say, can even help the measure and improve productivity. 

We know that there are times when we lose focus programming. 

We want a tool that allows us to understand when and where we’re writing our best code. 

And in a world full of distractions, being able to focus truly is a superpower, Tina Trine VOA News New York

Forget the Mouse: Your Thoughts Can Control Devices
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